Aroma Company is an international distribution company specializing on selected niche products of privately owned creative perfume houses. With prestigious brand name fragrances and body care products Aroma Company today belongs to the leading vendors into the upper luxury segment. Today we prefer to speak of our market segment as “artistic”. The term “niche” doesn’t anymore describe the hugely growing demand and variety of brands on the market. We see ourselves as brand ambassadors in the market. Our selection of brands is determined by a consistent and authentic brand policy which combines visual design with exquisite creations and a peerless history. Among our customers are carefully selected up-market perfume stores, leading privately owned beauty shops, concept stores and luxury department stores that represent our philosophy of up-market distinction. In 1998, just when the perfume market was commencing to turn into more specialized market segments, AromaCompany was founded by Frank Weckesser. In 2001 Frank Köhler joined him in managing the company a few years later.




For each of our brands we are selecting the ideal mix of stores.
Our B to B communication services include:


• Brand Training books

• Brand Character Portraits
* On site - visits by our experienced sales team.

• Intense Start up Training for the launch in each store

• Regular in - store fresh up training

• Focused strategies to preserve suggested retail prices

• Strict authorisation process for webshops

• Joint event planning with personal appearance of artists

• PR services inhouse

• Newsmailing to the main press and social media

• Facebook presence with regular update and inspiring end customer teasers

• Participation in trade fairs and exclusive fragrance salons such as
(Global Art of Perfume / Premium / Show and Order)



We understand success in a multidimensional way: Success comes not only with numbers sold. It also requires a highly selective brand portfolio and a sound knowledge of the criteria finding and deciding on those brands. A very important part of success is also determined by the soul of the store: What is the emotional and professional experience like which customers have in a store? It is also important to see, if a brand comes from a real vision, driven by inspired artist‘s work and their team working with full committment to develop the brand.

It is also interesting to take a look at Visions: What is the vision of a brand or of a retail store within the artistic perfume market? Does a brand have a real soul by the inspired artist and his dedicated team? Stores can have a soul, too: How does it feel to shop in the store? In which way customers experience the emotional and skilled competence of the sales team?