The Story behind "GRAVEL - A MAN’S COLOGNE"


A scent that has rolled through the decades, looking back on a vivid past and standing on the precipice of a brilliant future. Since its creation in 1957, Gravel A Man’s Cologne has seen the trends come and go, but has always remained true to itself: Strong, elegant, unaltered. A fragrance which defies time, like the gravel in its bottle.



The fragrance GRAVEL - A MAN’S COLOGNE


Michael B. Knudsen’s first fragrance. A classic since 1957. This complex scent is influenced by a fresh citrus fruit head note. Woody and balsamic components are paired with spices and a hint of frankincense, infusing the scent with a touch of elegance and a masculine heart note.


The Comeback

After Knudsen‘s death, the fragrance disappeared for several years. GRAVEL thus became a rare and sought-after vintage fragrance, available only in private remainders. Georg and Christian Blessing, both Gravel-enthusiasts, could buy GRAVEL only high priced at online market places. The fascination for the fragrance and the brand’s eventful history had infected father and son. So, basically the idea to remarket Gravel, is based on

the wish to be able to buy it again. The search for the heirs to the trademark and the subsequent persuasion to buy a piece of American perfume-history dragged on for years. At all times, the desire to transfer the fragrance back into a family owned environment that corresponded to Knudsen‘s ideals and the values of the GRAVEL COLOGNE brand was in the foreground. Finally, after years of absence, Georg and Christian Blessing succeeded in marketing the fragrance again and continuing the business in the spirit of Knudsen. Today, as then, the fragrance is only available in the most exquisite establishments.






An intense scent rich in nuances, whose head note is dominated by soft woody notes. Rose, gaiac wood and musk then take you on a journey on the luxurious overseas steamers that once drove between the Old World, Europe and the USA.



An initially citrusy fragrance that uniquely captures the promise of the American Dream through its woody–tart freshness, which already attracted Michael B. Knudsen into the new world.


The New York Times 1966

GRAVEL Biography
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