The MANCERA brand was created in 2008 by a french nose, Pierre Montale, who, like so many french creators, works for several perfume houses. He wanted to create this line with utmost Western excellence and all the know-how of the town of a thousand scents: Grasse. Inspired by ART DECO, he highlighted the purity of crystal in a sleek, sophisticated and graphic form to serve as a showcase for the world’s very best olfactory materials.


MANCERA offers a new vision of the olfactory world:

the quality & intensity of the best scents of Arabia being combined with Western influence.The oud, ambergris, exotic woods, leather,

musk & patchouli leaves along with jasmine, rose, Madagascar vanilla or even fruity delights are treated without any limit on rarity and quality and an unceasing quest for the absolute and creation.

A journey to the very heart of elegance.

NEW! GOLD INCENSE - available since April 2018

NEW! WILD PYTHON - available since April 2018

NEW! HINDU KUSH - available since April 2018