PIONEERS OF THE NEW  'Haute Parfumerie'

To emphasise the primary role of the perfumer was the main objective of the Nicolaï concept. A perfumer free in his creative choices and free to use all the finest raw materials that he may wished to use without any marketing or price limits.

The fragrances of Nicolaï are unique and original, different from other contemporary creations. This great liberty of creation allows Patricia de Nicolaï to impose a particular and coherent style. Being the pioneer of new trademarks of ‘Haute Parfumerie’ was a risky bet, a leap in the dark.




Nicolaï has one of the richest collections of modern perfumery: men and female fragrances, Cologne, ‘eaux fraîches’…From all these creations, the personal style of Patricia de Nicolaï is felt with a great predilection towards white flowers and amber notes. A style characterised by Nicolaï’s large choice of natural essences.


Regarding home fragrances, Patricia de Nicolaï’s creativity is even more impressive because she uses the same budget and the same creative passion as for the corporal fragrances. Patricia de Nicolaï has created more than 40 home fragrances all used for candles, room sprays, burning oils, refills for lamps and reed diffusers.


Since they appeared, the home fragrances have always been successful. When it was created at the beginning of the 1990’s, the market was not quite developed and Patricia de Nicolaï introduced a new factor in the quality of the products. Nowadays, Nicolaï’s fragrances – eaux de toilette, eaux fraîches, eaux de parfum, Cologne – are very successful.


The most concentrated and expensive fragrances were gathered within the ‘Intense’ collection. A heavily demanded collection, particularly abroad.


In 1996, Jean-Louis Michau elaborated an exclusive burner for CATALYTIC LAMPS. Patricia de Nicolaï adapted all the home fragrances for use in these lamps by strengthening the quality standard of the normal refills for catalytic lamps. Catalytic lamps now represent a large part of Nicolaï’s sales. They are very powerful and efficient against bad smells and the purification of the air.




With its 8 shops and more than 400 sales outlets around the globe, Nicolaï is widely recognised, while maintaining great selectivity. Most of the distribution is made by retailers or luxurious shops specialising in fragrances. Almost all customers receive deliveries directly from the Nicolaï factory, near Orléans (South Paris).