The beginning


Pierre Guillaume was born in 1977 in Clermont-Ferrand.


After completing his studies, he joined the company "Laboratoire de Formulation Industrielle" founded by his father and was responsible for the design of special products for the cosmetics industry.


Fascinated by the artistic expression of fine perfumery, he turned to the traditional perfumery based on botanical research. In order to create new possibilities and ways he appropriated special techniques and a special know-how to create excellent perfumes.




In 2002, at the age of only 25, he launched his first composition called "Coze", which the American perfume critic Chandler Burr (New York Times & GQ USA) described as "the coolest new European fragrance of a young French chemist" , In addition, he founded his own perfume house "Parfumerie Generale". More and more, he started focusing on the intriguing interplay of physical factors: the result was the process of photoaffection ® or photo-refining, the smoothing of odor spikes over UV radiation. The use of unusual ingredients is by no means to be understood as a marketing trick, but rather represents an enrichment of the resulting fragrance construction.


His individual and unique compositional style directs his creations toward interesting paths:


"Wearing a perfume for yourself is not just a self-centered and moving experience, but also for everyone else, especially the special 'others', and my perfumes rely on the contact with the skin to express themselves".


The collections


Today, Pierre Guillaume has created some seventy fragrances, which he has earned through his creative and financial independence in his workshops and which are distributed through his network of nearly 200 branches around the world within his four collections:


Pierre Guillaume Paris Collection

The Cruise Collection

The Black Collection

The White Collection 


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