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Friendly Fur

Fusion of nature, art and mankind 

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In 2018, Friendly Fur released its two concept scents "À Rebours" and "The Green Carnation":

The challenge in the fragrance creation was to transport the opulence and valence into a modern, universally valid formal language - not at the expense of sensual emotion, but correlating  with the urban lifestyle of modern man in a new, fresh and different way. The concept in this approach lies in the contrast, which emphasizes the effect rather than fusing into unified harmony. The result is a contrasting scent experience; no less than that is the mission of art, nature and the concept scents of Friendly Fur: to leave or even create space for the personality of scent and human being.

Nikolas Gleber: the Beginning 

After working in Bogotá, Perth, Paris and London, Nikolas Gleber has been living and working in and from Berlin as a conceptual designer since 2000. His work is always about freshness, empathy and values; unique selling point and expertise are the symbiosis of urban lifestyle and nature.

In 2007 Nikolas Gleber launched Friendly Fur, his first own brand, parallel to his work for different clients: Friendly Fur Berlin is the world's first and only brand and certificate for the collection and recycling of furs resulting from nature conservation as the opposite and alternative to breeding and suffering. Apart from this ethical aspect, design and craftsmanship are the supporting pillars of Friendly Fur. 

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