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Olfactory symbiosis of scents for the European and Oriental lover


The Brand

MANCERA was founded in 2008 on the Arabian Gulf. It was initiated by the distributor "Al Hthar", who had previously specialised in establishing classic, major perfume brands in the Gulf region. Based on many years of experience, the owners of "Al Hthar" asked a group of designers and perfumers to create a powerful artistic perfume brand, including Pierre Montale, famous for his brand MONTALE Parfums. 

The perfume concept

MANCERA Parfums differ quite consciously from the typical oriental perfume brands. They are intense, highly concentrated perfumes with a predominantly Western appeal and some extraordinary aoud creations. An ingenious olfactory symbiosis for the European and oriental lover. Only the highest quality ingredients from nature and synthesis are used. Decisive for the mixing ratio at MANCERA are: adhesion, diffusion and development of the respective overall composition of scents.

Der Look

The MANCERA flacon made of heavy crystal glass is a special production of the Italian manufacturer Luigi Bormioli, whose design art has a long history going back to the Renaissance. 

Mancera offers its creations in 120ml and 60 ml fillings. The 60 ml bottle is not simply a scaled-down version of the 120 ml bottle, but has been given its own slim dimensions. Each bottle is enclosed in a small bag. The outer packaging consists of golden and black cardboard boxes with an artistic relief.

THE Boutique

The MANCERA perfume bottle, created out of heavy crystal glass is a special creation hailing from the italian manufacturer Luigi Bormioli, whose design history looks back at a long history since the time of the Renaissance. The lid is surprisingly innovative and is not taken off in the usual matter but rather screwed off, to release the spray nozzle of the perfume.


Mancera offers its creations in 120ml and 60ml bottlings. The 60ml bottle is not simply a smaller version of the 120 ml bottle but has received its own dimensioning. Each bottle comes sealed in its own elegant little bag. The out packaging consists of gold and black packaging adorned with an artful relief.

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