Amelie & Pierre Montale

Pierre MONTALE launched his brand in Paris in 2003. After many years as a perfumer in Saudi Arabia, during which he also created for the royal family, he returned to Paris to present his own wonderful creations to the Western world. He and his daughter Amelie run this exquisite perfume brand.

Pierre Guillaume

In 2002, at the age of only 25, Pierre launched his first compositions which the American perfume critic Chandler Burr (New York Times & GQ) described as "the coolest new European fragrances from a young French chemist". He also founded his own free, independent perfume house: Pierre Guillaume Paris.

Christian Blessing

After Knudsen's death, the Gravel fragrances became rare vintage perfumes and slowly disappeared from the market. Georg and Christian Blessing, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs and Gravel lovers, helped them to reach their former greatness. After years of absence, Georg and Christian Blessing managed to offer Gravel again and continue the business in the spirit of Knudsens and the values of the GRAVEL brand. Today the fragrance is only offered in select boutiques.

Michael B. Knudsen

Michael B. Knudsen, is the creator of GRAVEL COLOGNE. He faced many challenges in order to realise his dream of his own perfume and started with his first creation in the 50's. The Cologne absorbed Knudsen in such a way that he dedicated the rest of his life to the development of Gravel, putting all his charisma and energy at the service of his brand. It can be said that thanks to Knudsen, his pioneering spirit and visionary genius, the entire American fragrance industry benefited with the world's first men's fragrance.

Nikolas Gleber

In 2018, Friendly Fur will release its two concept scents "À Rebours" and "The Green Carnation" in a new look and feel. Minimalist and fresh, concept designer Nikolas Gleber engages with the two stories of his Friendly Fur fragrances in the new Sleek & Chic Edition. Art and nature merge into one personality in this brand. Friendly Fur Berlin is the first and only brand and certificate worldwide for the collection and recycling of resulting furs from nature conservation as the opposite and alternative to breeding and suffering.

Patricia de Nicolaï

Patricia de Nicolai is the niece of the famous perfumer Guerlain. She grew up in the world of fragrances and became a true artist before founding "Les Parfums de Nicolai" with her husband Jean-Louis Michau in 1989. She is a lover of natural essences, but also of exceptional syntheses and enjoys being free of the price and marketing restrictions of the fragrance industry. Her creations are characterized by a high percentage of pure natural essences, daring
combinations and intensive concentrations.

Sebastian Fischenisch & Tobias Müksch

Die Designer Sebastian Fischenich und Tobias Müksch, die Gründer dieser Marke haben mit der Marke ihren beiden Grossmüttern mütterlicherseits ein Denkmal gesetzt. Helena Humiecka z Humiecina (1908-2000) und Katharina Graef (1906-2004) waren Zeit ihres Lebens Vorbilder und emotionaler Anker für die beiden Designer.

Francois Henin

In the beginning, Origino (Origin in Esperanto) was conceived by freelance perfumer Vanina Muracciole as the first fragrance on the Jeroboam brand front. For Francois Henin, the founder of the Jeroboam brand, and JOVOY, this was the origin for the creation of a new olfactory universe.


J.U.S is a convergence of the thoughts of 3 designers who dreamed of creating a new and extraordinary perfumery. Thierry de Baschmackoff, Art Director, Brigitte Werner, fragrance expert and Jean Baptiste took over the leadership. But J.U.S. , the new French perfumery is not only made up of these 3 people but also of a whole range of talented personalities such as designers, illustrators, printers, perfumers, glassmakers and friends.  


the creators

The artists behind the perfume masterpieces

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