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Explosive fusion of pop art, vintage design and experimental luxury perfumery

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To create excitement and enjoyment byoffering a unique sensory experience.

J.U.S is designed for anyone looking for a personal fragrance away from the usual products found in perfumeries today.



J.U.S. is for the pioneering personalities among us: a young, rebellious French perfumery that sets trends and offers new fragrance experiences, while remaining true to the great perfume tradition. Taboo-free and rebellious, with a quality that is incomparable, with all of them cheerful colored bottles and a defiant exception in the otherwise rather non-color-visualized niche fragrance segment.

This is an alternative brand with a vintage pop art look: a true synergy of bright colors and vibrant design. With J.U.S, the new generation of French perfumers is breaking with tradition and relying on new collaborations. 

To create a unique sensory experience where pure excitement and pleasure merge together. J.U.S is for all those who are looking for a personal fragrance that is different from the usual products in perfumeries.

Logo JUS France 2.png

J.U.S. is Teamwork.

Five masters of their trade with unique stories and qualities are the soul of J.U.S. Sensual creations were born in complete freedom by each perfumer.

To create the new French perfumers, a number of talented individuals such as designers, illustrators, printers, glassmakers, decorators, friends and, of course, perfumers collaborated.

The perfumers from left to right are

Fabrice Pellegrin, Aurelien Guichard, Alienor Massenet, Celine Ellena, Alexandra Carlin

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Open Source 

A free expression, characterized by transparency, shows the recipes of the J.U.S perfumes.

Perfume houses jealously guard their recipes to make their perfumes mysterious. Have you always wanted to find out what your perfume really contains?


J.U.S. decided to share the formulas for a discourse on truth and curiosity. An approach that makes all its noble brands work for the perfumer.

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