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The noblest of ingredients, highly concentrated


The Beginning

From Place Vendôme to the Champs Elysees


Pierre MONTALE launched his brand in Paris in 2003. After many years as a perfumer in Saudi Arabia, he returned to Paris to present his own wonderful creations to the Western world. Pierre chose balms, ambergris, cedar oils, frankincense, precious wood essences and many other precious fragrances to offer elixirs of happiness and love from MONTALE perfumes.

Today MONTALE is an extremely creative perfume house with more than 100 different perfumes.

'Perfumes are living creations'

"A perfume is a natural and living composition where the maceration continues even after being bottled. The fragrance you buy today will gain strength and perfection over time. Time and maceration are the secrets of noble elixirs." - Pierre Montale

The Boutique

All MONTALE perfumes are characterised by an exceptionally high quality and development. Therefore Pierre's perfumes attract an exclusive and demanding clientele.

In the former MONTALE boutique on Place Vendôme, international customers and celebrities were served for almost ten years. In order to satisfy the great demand and to offer more space for the wonderful presentation of the many perfumes, the MONTALE boutique with exclusive showroom and special editions has been open since 2015 in the Rue Pierre Charron, directly next to the Champs Elysées.

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