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The coolest new European fragrances from a French fine chemist and perfumer


PG O2 Cozé: The origin of the brand

Fascinated by fragrances and perfumes from an early age, Pierre Guillaume grew up in a family of chemists: He collected essential oils and fragrant ingredients from his childhood - the prelude to his first own perfume organ. He is barely 25 when he tries to reproduce the smell of his father's cigar cellar. This spicy tobacco scent based on the famous Epicene Gamma base (a mixture of chili, cloves and nutmeg) was quickly discovered by critics. These made the fragrance and brand popular to bloggers and professional buyers worldwide in the early 2000s.


Pierre Guillaume Paris offers contemporary, inventive, poetic and wearable perfumes. He masters design and independent production to create high quality products at realistic prices. The brand's goal is to be a driving force for loyal customers to constantly rediscover themselves and offer products that are at once sustainable, innovative, clear and consistent. Pierre Guillaume Paris wants growth to be based on the satisfaction of female and male customers who love to wear and talk about fragrances. In all its activities, the brand always remains true to its values.

"At Pierre Guillaume Paris, we only make perfume... but that's already a lot."



Pierre Guillaume has his own laboratory in the heart of the Auvergne in the middle of the Volcans d`Auvergne nature park. It was there that his brand Pierre Guillaume Paris was born. There, in complete creative and financial independence, he develops wonderfully contemporary and diverse fragrances.


In 2010, he created his company Pierre Guillaume Diffusion which he equipped with a production facility, a composition laboratory, a raw materials warehouse and a packaging plant: all dedicated to the creation of his Pierre Guillaume Signature Perfumes. A second workshop was created in 2015 to accommodate the company's growth.


Chandler Burr, the well-known perfume critic of the New York Times wrote in the mid-2000s about the fragrance 02 Cozé: "How a young French chemist creates Europe's coolest new fragrance..."

The collections

To date, Pierre Guillaume has created around sixty fragrances, which he has acquired thanks to his creative and financial independence in his own laboratory. His perfumes from four collections are distributed in almost 330 stores in 25 countries.

The four collections:

Pierre Guillaume Paris

The Cruise Collection

The Black Collection

The White Collection

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