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Perfume extraits for urban nomads


The Concept

The 6 liter champagne bottle is called "JEROBOAM".

The JEROBOAM Extraits come in small flacons that have it in them: Hence the interplay between the brand name, which describes a giant bottle, and the 30 ml bottles with the concentrated power of the extracts: "Ideal for urban nomads", who always want to carry their fragrance with them.


"Strong perfumes do not need big bottles. I love this interplay of contrasts, which is why I gave the brand the name Jeroboam: after all, perfume can be a wisely used weapon in the world of sensuality. An extract has something very noble about it: it is tailor-made to create a lasting effect. So an extract is the ideal concentration for people who like to flirt, are provocative and have a strong character". - Francois Henin

The names of the JEROBOAM fragrances are chosen in the international language Esperanto:


THE Origin

Everything began with ORIGINO (origin).

The perfume was invented by the independent perfumer Vanina Muracciole. Origino begins with a strong Musk cocktail - a typical character of modern perfumes. This is intentional and part of the universal statement of JEROBOAM - all perfumes in the line have incorporated the Musk theme.

ESPERANTO - the universal language (Lingvo Internacia), which was created at the end of the 19th century based on the idea of a universally understandable international language. Scent can speak even more forcefully than words. 

The small, luxurious bottle is perfect for urban nomads who want to take their perfume everywhere as an international language.

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