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createur de parfum

The noblest of ingredients, highly concentrated




Patricia de Nicolai is the niece of the famous perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain. She grew up in the world of fragrances and became a true artist. After her training as a perfumer, she first worked in a prestigious team of international perfumers for renowned houses before founding "Les Parfums de Nicolai" with her husband Jean-Louis Michau in 1989. She is a lover of natural essences, but also of extraordinary syntheses and enjoys being free from the price and marketing restrictions of the fragrance industry. Her creations are characterized by high percentages of pure natural essences, daring combinations and intense concentrations. Her own line began with the now legendary masculine fragrance NEW YORK.

The brand

Nicolai Parfumeur Créateur is today one of the few fragrance houses with the tradition of a true perfumer. At Nicolai, the entire process, from the personal fragrance creation by Patricia de Nicolai to the production and distribution in their own stores as well as the international distribution from one source, is carried out or managed entirely in-house. Her classics such as New York, Sacrebleu, Eau d`Été or Number One, for which Patricia was awarded with the Mouillette d'Or - an important perfume prize - in 1989, are now world-famous.


All Nicolaï fragrances begin their lives just a few steps away from the Louvre and the Palais Royal and end up at authorized retailers and Nicolaï stores in Paris, London, Dubai and Shanghai. All perfume bottles are hand stamped with wax seals and carry the initials PN. Scented candles are hand cast from natural wax. The pride of Nicolaï is that all products are manufactured 100% in-house according to the traditional values of the fragrance industry.

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